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Tenant Qualifications
All prospective tenants must complete a rental application.  The application is used to verify personal information, residential and rental history, employment status, and credit history.  All adult applicants must complete a separate application form.  The application should be filled out as completely as possible.  Missing, vague, or inaccurate information will make it harder for us to process the application and less likely to accept it.

Applicants must pass a credit check.  Written authorization to run a credit check will be required at the time of application.  We obtain credit profile reports on all applicants from Trans Union, a consumer reporting agency.   A $15.00 application fee will be required of all adults.  This fee is to cover the cost of processing credit reports. 

Prospective tenants must provide a clear photocopy of their current driver's licenses with the rental application. 

Sorry, but we do not accept tenants under the Section 8 rental assistance program.  

Our criteria for qualified tenants generally include the following:  a stable residential history, a solid employment history with sufficient income to cover rent payments, and a good credit history with a record of timely payment of debts.  We use Trans Union credit profile reports to help select tenants.  Generally, credit scores of 600 or higher are required to qualify.

For your convenience, you may click on the link to our rental application below:

Applications may be mailed to us at:

3840 Lexington Turnpike
Amherst VA 24521

Be sure to include the $15.00 application fee and a copy of your driver's license with the application. 

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